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MMA WEEKLY On April - 16 - 2010

Is boxing REALLY a dying sport? What do you think?

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  1. MMASmokinMartin says:

    @stingray8881 Its not that it takes more skill. Its just MMA theres so many things you can do. Aside to boxing where there is less you worry about and more to perfect on. Look at a boxer throw a jab. And look at a MMA person throw a jab.

  2. MMASmokinMartin says:

    @Emanusmell lmao

  3. DE63MightyMouse says:

    lol rogan owned that guy.

  4. Emanusmell says:

    can you knee someone in the ass?

  5. yohummerguy says:

    how about we have both? and shut up.

  6. yohummerguy says:

    boxing is not in a square ring, its diamond. and i dont see much difference its just kicking. well.. more brutal but yeah

  7. Heyitsbao says:

    chuck liddel doesnt know how to talk

  8. markymark2069 says:

    @longrob It depends what kind of bar fight, if it’s out of nowhere and you just throw a few punches and run then even boxing’s “foot work” wouldn’t help much.. So wouldn’t matter as long as you know how to punch. If it’s just a free for all, then yes clinching for a few secs would help. Either way, obviously someone trained in MMA would have an advantage over someone just trained in punching. Cannot deny that buddy. Not saying that knowing boxing won’t help or anything of course.

  9. stingray8881 says:

    ufc(mma) takes more skill then boxing. as he says.

  10. ThePaliforever says:

    @MysticNinjaJay I’m saying it requires more stamina not athleticism due to the decrease in technique due to fatigue. The margin of stamina is only slightly different but you are right when you say they require peak athleticism. I’m not saying UFC is street fighting, i’m just saying it’s closest to what people love to see(people going full out rampage on each other). I think both are entertaining because i see people in my gym who do MMA and i can tell it’s pretty grueling

  11. stumpybriggs says:

    ufc is growing and will keep growing, it is entertaining and brutal. Boxing is a sweet science, and has a proven history of drawing in crowds and fans through out time. ufc hasnt had to endure the time yet. Boxing will always be around and will always draw the crowds. I am a bit one sided to boxing but the truth will set you free ha ha

  12. JonahWolf says:

    I like both boxing and UFC. But UFC is better, simply because you have so many different types of Marital arts, you throw in boxing and greco wrestling and you see some explosive fights inside the octagon.

  13. thaijunkie19 says:

    wow i cant believe wat i saw at UFC 112!!! UFC is growing more and more each yr maybe even month!!! UFC 112 was in Abu Dhabi and was huge!!! it looked like it was in the high double digit thousands in attendance!!! that goes to show u how much MMA has grown and is a fucking avalanche that wont stop growing

  14. longrob says:

    @markymark2069 I disagree, I think it would be obvois to not grab someone in a bar fight if a second attacker is there to pot shot you. Also, why get into a clinching situation in a bar fight if you can throw a few punches and knock the guy cold. Clinching and throwing knees is good in cages and rings, but much more difficult when not having something to lean on for balance and leverage.

  15. usuklol says:

    Joe Rogan is fucking hilarius.

  16. WickedDesmadroso says:

    dana is gay

  17. fatguydrummer says:

    @longrob Your right, Fedor wanted to co-promote with the UFC and Dana White said no so MMA fans don’t get to see that superfight. See the only difference is those are companies. All in all, we all agree to disagree on which sport is better and how they run things.

  18. markymark2069 says:

    @Longrob In a street fight or bar you wouldn’t use grappling to necessarily submit them, you would use it to not get double teamed by some assholes trying to hold you and beat you to a pulp.. Or get you on the ground and keep you there.

    Then you could use the clinch and throws knees to the head. MMA is just more useful overall in life situations. Should be obvious.

  19. PsYc0tIkDrEaM says:

    @GLaw1623 UFC 112 sold atleast a million get your head out of your ass.

  20. funfag69 says:

    Wow you all talk so tuff, but im way fuckin tougher then all you, you never knew how the strength can get, so just try me!

  21. MysticNinjaJay says:

    @ThePaliforever Boxing does not require more athleticism than MMA. You need to be equally athletic to compete the highest level in both sports. And the Martial Arts in MMA require just as much skill as Boxing. Street fights are far more chaotic than MMA or Boxing. Combat sports require strategy. A professional fighter would toy with a street fighter in a real fight. I agree neither will kill the other. They can co-exist like Basketball and Football.

  22. ThePaliforever says:

    I think the reason people enjoy mma more is because of its shear full fledged fighting technique. Boxing requires much more skill by the hands and requires much more endurance, stamina, and quite possibly strength. People may not realize it, but a lot of street fights actually do occur with using punches. On the other hand, they may jump on you and you need to use weight advantage. Both are good to know and I don’t think either will kill the other.

  23. jumanji0090 says:

    Rogan owns you both!

  24. thaijunkie19 says:

    @longrob i totally agree with u he works with the best boxing has to offer in Freddy Roach and alot of them dont have that much technique with alot of different strikes not just handstrikes so i cudnt agree with u more but that will get better as the competition gets better and more demanding

  25. longrob says:

    @thaijunkie19 Boxing is only one aspect of fighting, but MMA fighters have mastered about 10% of what is possible with your hands. Anderson Silva is so dominant partly because he has learned footwork and other aspects of stand up from boxing.

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  29. Rudolph says:

    Ugh what a tease.

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  31. I’m still kind of pissed that Jackson couldn’t beat Rashad, but UFC 115 is full of with a whole lot of the exciting fights that MMA is known for.

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