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MMA WEEKLY On April - 16 - 2010

Thank уου TriMOTinHD fοr sending mе tһіѕ playa. :) UFC 113: Machida vs. Shogun 2 іѕ аח upcoming mixed martial arts event tο bе held bу tһе Ultimate Fighting Championship οח Mау 8, 2010 аt tһе Bell Centre іח Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Main Card: Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua (UFC LHW Championship) Paul Daley vs Josh Koscheck Kimbo Slice vs Matt Mitirone Patrick Cote vs Alan Belcher Jeremy Stephens vs Sam Stουt

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  1. sleeper91crx says:

    the cobra sounds gay, just leave as the dragon.

  2. KirbyLovesTacos says:

    @pbrlimit This. He’s a good fighter. Vitor Belfort currently has the same style of counter punching(sniping) as Machida. Look how that worked out for him in his last 3 fights. I’m not saying Machida is a bad fighter, but Shogun’s style is far more impressive than Machida’s. Just in my opinion.

  3. pbrlimit says:

    Machida is a sniper striker – he waits patiently, finds the timing and strikes. His nickname should be “The Cobra” instead of the “The Dragon” because this is how he thinks, and how he fights !

  4. pbrlimit says:

    @yordano41 – it’s great how to you talk shit on youtube. I would literally give you 15 seconds in a fight against Machida before someone is pissing on you to wake you up after you get KTFO – until then, shut your damn mouth, son !

  5. mrjamaicanmmafighter says:

    @ShatterEffectt lolz dude shogun has machida all figured out now if shogun lose ill shut up but until then shogun>machida

  6. doyoulikechocolate says:

    +FUck – I hate to think itm as a HUGE Shogun fan, the outcomes will be:

    MACHIDA – win by TKO – R1
    DALEY – win by TKO – R1
    KIMBO – win by TKO – R2
    COTE – win by Submission – R3

    FACT – i have succesfully predicted correctly 9/10 predictions in the last 12 months (bar one round and the recent loss by BJP)

    Yes – I do play with my crystal balls every night.

  7. kingof706 says:

    @yordano41 Since when did someone who won 16 fights in a row, has the title, and is still undefeated suck?????

  8. KirbyLovesTacos says:

    @KAPLAKAN You don’t need power to knock someone out…>_> You need pin point accuracy. Which Machida has. Shogun is gonna win this fight. Machida’s boring style of fighting not only pisses fans off, but makes the nuthuggers go wild and think Machida is the greatest thing ever. News flash, he’s not.

  9. yordano41 says:

    machida sucks

  10. KAPLAKAN says:

    well guess wat if he doesnt hit hard HOW DID HE KNOCK THEM BOTH THE FUCK OUT

  11. AidanXD10 says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos yeah he has power still but that doesnt mean he has a amazing chin. both rashard and thiago have good chins.

  12. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos rashad was tired have you ever wrestled before its very tiring especially when ur throwing a guy thiago size around the cage over and over again. thiago started to get tired in round 1 after two takedowns…….you’re the only one tripping balls homie :D

  13. KirbyLovesTacos says:

    @AssassinsCreed71 A Gassed Thiago Silva nearly knocked out Rashad…..you’re tripping balls my friend.

  14. AssassinsCreed71 says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos wow your crazy, rashad has more of chin than thiago, one punch and thiago was in la la la land, evans took more than a dozen punches.

  15. Bigdaddy2099 says:

    @8ballmoe im with u dude machida always has a plan

  16. Bigdaddy2099 says:

    @cprince305 fuck ya dude when josh wins i hope 2 god he gets a rematch wit gsp

  17. Bigdaddy2099 says:

    Raven he does hit hard they both got knocked out and ask rich franklin, and he might knockout shogun cause u know he has a plan

  18. Lockout08 says:

    Fuck Koscheck And Daley

  19. cprince305 says:

    Im with u man… but I’m going for Koshcheck in this one.

  20. cprince305 says:

    Shogun Rua is the new Light-Heavyweight champion, and after Machida who could be a challenge for him? Rampage? Lil Nog? Rashad? Nah man most of them got destroyed by him long time ago… The guy deserves to become legendary, and so many people gave Machida a chance. Hahahahaha

  21. matrixlone says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos a glass jaw is like when your knocked out in one punch rashad took a beat down before he was kod

  22. KirbyLovesTacos says:

    @RavenShield420 Props for knocking out Thiago, he has a very good chin. Rashad on the other hand. LOL. Forrest Griffin hurt him. That’s saying alot. Has a glass chin.

  23. k1llwood says:

    War machida!!! Ive been waiting for this card for awhile

  24. baihbalm says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos don’t need to hit very hard to knock anyone out if you connect well. You’ve obviously never been hit in the temple keyboard warrior.

  25. baihbalm says:

    @KirbyLovesTacos You don’t need to hit very hard to knock someone / anyone out if you connect well. You’ve obviously never been hit in the temple keyboard warrior.

  26. Leif Canez says:

    Did not remember about this one! Will likely to be loading this up later.

  27. Tracie Chhum says:

    Didn’t remember about this one! Will probably be loading this up afterwards.

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  37. Kurt Peckens says:

    This has me looking forward to getting home now and getting a game on!

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