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MMA WEEKLY On April - 21 - 2010

Watch Carano vs Cyborg Fight Video For Free

The MMA fight of the year, the beautiful Gina Carano versus the incredibly beasty and aggressive Christine “Cyborg” Santos. Yesterday the two fought one of the most incredible women’s mixed martial arts fights. Want to know the results? Watch the video below for free.

Watch Carano vs Cyborg Fight Video For Free

Gina Carano first started her career in MMA after her ex boyfriend taught her one of the chinese’s many martial arts styles. Since then she has gone on to become a very popular face of women’s MMA and has modelled on several occassions for magazines top men’s magazines like Maxim and it rumored she is also to model for playboy.

The 27 year old had a little spot in the limelight before her career though. Her father played as a backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys between 1977 and 1983. She is well known for her hot physique as well as her amazing ability at mixed martial arts. Gina Carano is also ranked number 5 in the top ten most influential women and also in the top 100 celebrities by Maxim magazine.

And now that she’s dropped down to 141 pounds shes looking even better than ever. Her main fighting focus is a mix of female boxing and Muay Thai, an ancient Chinese fighting style. She has appeared many times on the very popular American fighting show; “American Gladiators” broadcast by NBC as well as appearing in a cult film “Ring Girls”.

So, want to know the results for the Gina Carano vs Christina Cyborg mixed martial arts fight. Watch the video below to find out.

Watch Carano vs Cyborg Fight Video For Free

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