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MMA WEEKLY On April - 16 - 2010

Hang out wіtһ Nate Marquardt аѕ һе prepares fοr һіѕ middleweight bout against Demian Maia іח UFC 102. See tһе action live οח UFC.com аחԁ Pay-Per-View

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29 Responses

  1. KalashnikovBoy94 says:

    Is he Pruanes Brother ?!?!?! He looks like him but im not sure.

  2. uklfxhguio says:

    he split open Chael pretty good and made him leak with that tight ass guillotine near the end, wicked fight

  3. chuey1988 says:

    @Nightmonkey17 Last time I checked, big muscles don’t win fights.

  4. mkl62 says:

    Even though he lost to Chael Sonnen, his match against him at Relentless was voted the best match on the card. The worst match was Joey Beltran vs. Rolles Gracie.

  5. ThePride16 says:

    hes a good fighter but he got his ass beat by chael

  6. PyfijiPazeki says:

    Cool video, watch full MMA fights ufc-ppv . com

  7. weepaul666 says:

    Technique > power

  8. LiuCubanito says:

    One of my favorite fighters!

  9. Nightmonkey17 says:

    Damn he’s huge.

    I can’t believe skinny Anderson Silva kicked his ass.

  10. schmutznancysavin says:

    Varner vs. Henderson UFC is starting in half hout on freelivesport[dot]tv

  11. nyasa87 says:

    he looks huge for 185!!

  12. Wdd4lif3 says:

    hot wife for sure…good job nate

  13. snoochpounder says:

    truly nate the great.. one punch cold knock out then not punching the obiously ko guy.. shows great sportsmanship

  14. mmaguy34 says:

    nate marquardt is the fucking man peroid.

  15. RomanKalani says:

    why the hell has someone neg’d my last comment??? sheez…was that chick not tall or was she insanely huge? lol c’mon!! haha

  16. mastermortalman says:

    He cuts down to 185 pounds

  17. RomanKalani says:

    holy crap, did anyone see the chick at 6:01?? damnnn she was a tall freak!!

  18. slaaaayer says:

    He looks more ripped than Jardine
    and hes 185lb?

  19. KidBers says:

    all he does is eat

  20. RomanKalani says:

    Nate, i want one of your fight tshirts!!!! you’re the man Nate!!!

  21. cnakm says:

    ur a moron. he started when he was 19. naturally he would be WAY bigger when you get older (30 now). a 19 year old doesnt even have a mans frame.

  22. cnakm says:

    you’re a fucking idiot. someone could easily tell him to take some supplement with banned substances in it. there’s stuff at GNC that are a banned use for mixed martial arts. so just shut ur fuckin trap and watch marquardt own henderson.

  23. MrFreeman420 says:

    ever since i saw nate knock out wilson gouveia i”ve been a fan, that was a great tko

  24. jaredkyle777 says:

    nate marquardt has been my favorite fighter since he faught martin kampmmen. its funny how people start liking a fighter when he gets more well known it proves people just jump on the band wagon!

  25. hasbeen9955 says:

    Nate Marquardt: supreme fighter…A TRUE BEAST: if u think marquardt sucks your not into mma

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